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S  P  A  C  E      R  E  D  E  F  I  N  E D

Space noun \ˈspās \ The unlimited or incalculably three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all personal objects are located and all events occur for an individual and their meaningful relationships.

Dreaming starts here.


SPACE Remodeling



show • room noun /’SHō, rōōm/ a large room where things that are for sale are displayed.

We are your total home & life concept showroom. From furniture to home accessories, we have something to offer everyone.

  • Furniture sales
  • Home accessories 
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Outdoor

Expanded Building



de • sign  verb  \di-’zin\ to plan and make (something) for a specific purpose

Our designers acknowledge the infinite possibilities of your SPACE. The scope of our projects go far beyond placing cool pieces of furniture in your space. We design for functionality, and most importantly, we design for you .

  • Space planning during architectural design phase
  • Material finishes, installation, and selections

  • 3D interior renderings / exterior elevations
  • Design discovery and specification development

Spaces Redefined


Coming soon: a list of vendors we’re proud to work with.

Objects What Matters


ob·ject  noun  \ob-jikt\  Something material that may be perceived by the senses.


As defined by RBI

Tangible matter to which thought or action is directed. The end toward which effort or action is achieved. The impression made on the mind or the feeling of emotion elicited in an observer: an object of curiosity or desire or intellectual thought.



Enlighten Us

Listening. Seems almost revolutionary doesn’t it? RBI is client-oriented; therefore, detail-oriented. From the beginning,  atypical designing has been our goal. We want to leave every client feeling “wowed’ after our job is done. RBI is immersed in the home design marketplace. We have access to all your wants, desires and passions.

  • We stay current Attending 5 markets a year for home design
  • Buy at wholesale discounts to ensure the best pricing
  • Attend major design industry conferences annually


Our formula for success: The power of one on one and a vision that starts with you, your needs and desires + our expertise and guidance.  Our  product knowledge, our ability to communicate with contractors and our never ending search of uniqueness inherent to you. This results in what we call that the RBI “AHHHH” factor.

  • Early space planning/blue print review
  • Deep material selections process
  • 3D elevations + design specifications development



No pressure here. Chill out. Let us put your mind at ease. You have expectations, we have solutions. RBI defines the cost, process, and our common goals in writing. At RBI we understand that a comfortable working relationship will ensure the best final product.

  • Initial meeting to establish goals…we listen and implement
  • Written proposal explaining our role to ensure continuity
  • Open lines of communication enabling the sharing of ideas

{ Creative Solutions }

We are experts in space. Your space. We see ideas and potential. Difficult specs, complicated queries? RBI is about solutions. What you want doesn’t exist? Let us decide. We are about bringing your desires to fruition. We happily procure flooring, furnishings, accessories, window treatments and more…… we have it all!

  • Sourcing experts for all  design products including furniture
  • Over 30 years of combined experience in decorating +design
  • Vast knowledge of products, materials, furnishings + construction

Contact Get in Touch

spacephoto WS3-2-1 Contact RBI

con·tact   noun   \ˈkäntakt\
The act or state of connecting, touching or meeting, as of two elements in immediate proximity or association.

  • Address: 7301 S. Staples Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
  • Phone: 361-992-6000
  • Fax: 361-992-6001
  • Email: info@spacebyrbi.com